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Applications and Features

Integrate With Your Telephone System.
Whether it be for your call center, unified communications, cellular, or voice mail, we offer a selection of applications to integrate into your telephone system.These applications will help you make the most of your infrastructure and increase productivity and efficiency.

Advanced voice messaging

Because of the speed of business, it can be difficult to keep up with daily messages, between checking the office voicemail, cell phones, different e-mail addresses and much more.

Each system has a unique interface and employees must know them all. Very large companies have sophisticated systems that integrate their various technologies in a single, transparent interface.

Thanks to Samsung, small and medium businesses can now deploy the same flexibility with innovative converging technology: the SVMi-20E voice messaging system and OfficeServ IP-UMS unified messaging system from Samsung.

Two products, two functions, one visionary company.

Unify and synchronize your business email with a simple, efficient, and unique solution.


The Softphone concept now allows for improved collaboration and greater mobility with increased versatility. An integrated communications application now exists in the form of a softphone that can help you achieve these three goals — and ultimately enable you to deliver better service to your customers. OfficeServ Communicator Basic or OfficeServ Communicator Professional with Samsung Messenger provide seamless integration of voice, image, and instant messaging at a price that matches the size of your business.

Console for receiving calls

Samsung’s OfficeServ telephone call answering console offers a complete call control solution for operators and receptionists. Combined with a Samsung iDCS phone, this Windows®-based operator console equips your front-line staff with all the power needed to handle high-volume call traffic smoothly and professionally.

IT integration

At the heart of Samsung’s OfficeServ suite are the telecommunications integration applications EasySet and Link. This Web programming interface will allow you to manage the programming of your digital telephone park, IP and software in a simple and efficient way.

Waiting message

When your customers are on hold, you have a chance to stand out. Customize this experience with an on-hold message that is informative and mixed with music. With our professional studio recordings, your clients won’t see the time pass.

An on-hold message offers you an unprecedented information showcase at a fraction of the price of a traditional advertising message. It’s a great way to let your clientele and future customers know about your products and services, current promotions, and upcoming events.

Our partners are radio professionals who make commercials in state-of-the-art recording studios.

The on-hold message! One of the most effective tools for getting the most out of your telephone system and for disseminating a wealth of information and promotions.

94% of any advertising budget is used to encourage phone calls, while only 4% is used to handle new calls.

88% callers prefer recorded messages to silence or to the radio.

70% of business callers are put on hold.

60% of neglected callers hang up.

Benefits of a Message Waiting System:

  • Provides useful information
  • Informs clients about other services available
  • Helps increase sales
  • Gives callers a professional “brand” image of the company
  • Reduces the number of callers who hang up
  • Relieves frustration among callers
  • Entertains customers whose call is put on hold

Don’t forget: you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Here are some sample messages used by our clients:

  • On-hold message for J. R. Hébert (Bilingual)
  • Montreal Heart Institut menu (Bilingual)
  • Copelli Services menu (French)
  • Menu for a daycare (French)
  • Cogan menu (English)
  • The Bay menu (English)

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